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Keeping your focus when making a conscious decision to diversify is not going to be easy!

What you need to be is bold and forward thinking. A plan is usually a good idea too!

With that in mind, I have taken on the challenge of photographing people and subjects that are not moving when I press the shutter. Portrait, weddings and corporate headshots spring to mind here although the only spring has been the one in my step.

It is a totally different mindset to the one I use when capturing those moving subjects as they rise high above the ground during their pole vault competition or sprint away from a tackle during a football match. Street photography is a blend of all things for me and one I enjoyed when I recently joined a walk through the lanes and roads of Brighton with 12 other keen snappers. 

Organised by the Royal Photographic Society no less, this was a day to get creative and capture images of all that is urban or street photography. Strangely, perhaps, it is not necessarily about the people - more a story of what you encounter whilst on your walk. 

It was an interesting day and I certainly pushed myself to look for what I perceived as 'interesting'. Now, that may not be what other people see. However, it is a matter of subjectivity ...


Portrait photography, on the other hand, is different again and a style I very much want to pursue. My recent foray into this 'genre' of photography was helped enormously by the delightful Claudia Lavender, who is not only an accomplished pole vaulter (pb of 3.60m), but is also a very accomplished model. I will probably make her blush a little when I say that as she is a very modest young woman.

Our shoot was an interesting one and I certainly learnt a lot about lighting and posing that day.

It has been very rewarding to push myself out of my 'comfort zone' and learn and hone skills that will no doubt help me become a better photographer. The joy I get when I capture a moment is fulfilling and gives me a real buzz. Long may that continue! Surrey Portrait Photographer




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