Welcome to Steve O'Sullivan Sports Photography!

Our aim is to make you feel fantastic about your achievement! – by having a memory of that achievement in one of our race photos.

Share your achievements and make your friends and family proud of what you have achieved by posting on your facebook page, twitter or instagram,  – then get yourself a good race photo, post it online and share it with your friends and the world!


Value for money! Our prices are very competitive. (see Quality! below) If you’re thinking of getting 3 or more images from an event, have a look for the collections as they cost less than 4 images and you get the whole lot.


Quality! You will be downloading/printing a high quality (often up to 10MB) image that can easily be enlarged for printing. 


During the race/event!

Show your number clearly 

Smile! Not at the camera, but it makes a massive difference to you when you do. It is nice if you look down the lens too!

If you are running behind someone and see our photographer up ahead, try your best to get in some space for your photo!

Yes, we take pictures at the top of hills! The last thing you will want to do is smile we know. Please give it a try.

As you are approaching the finish, we know how much effort you have put in. Just remember that our photographer will want to capture the best moment for you!

Our photographer will do their best to capture your image during the race/event, however, we cannot guarantee we will capture every competitor without others in the photograph.

Wave at the camera by all means and look great while you're doing it! Just be aware of other competitors around you.

"The eyes have it!" Do your best to let the photographer see your eyes. This will help to capture an engaging image of you.

The photograph of you is your visual memory and reminder of your participation in the race/event. We would like to see you enjoying that experience – happy, smiling, concentrating, enjoying life, achieving !


Enjoy your Race and Good Luck !

Surrey Sports Photographer