Steve O'Sullivan Photography | Event Directors

If you are a race/event organiser and are looking to provide a photography service for your competitors, please read on ...

Race/Event Photography

Coverage of the race/event – no charge:

If your event is a suitable size, distance and type then we can provide our photography service for you at no charge to your event.

This gives your race great coverage and saves you time and money after the event – a link to the gallery containing the photographs of your race/event will be sent to you so that you can inform your competitors. We will also post a link on the following social media: twitter; facebook and instagram


Sponsored Coverage – Free downloads:

If you have a sponsor or race partner, we can provide you with a 'free download' package that will add value to your event for sponsors and participants alike.

We will advertise your race/event through the social media sites mentioned above and our dedicated website which will attract more competitors to your event


Post Race Communications

We will ensure that photographs from your race/event are available as soon as possible after your race/event and will email you to let you know when they are online.

We will also share the link to the relevant gallery by posting on social media and our website blog.